PFLEX Vaginal Life-Care Probe PR-18

PFLEX Vaginal Life-Care Probe PR-18

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Vaginal Electrode for use with Electrical muscle stimulation unitsTENS machines and EMG biofeedback devices. 

  • A replacement for the Veriprobe (which is no longer available) 
  • Rounded end for easy insertion 
  • Lightweight, hollow construction   
  • Flange on the bottom of the electrode to ensure correct placement 
  • Contact plates positioned on the side of the electrode, designed to activate the deep layer o the Pelvic Floor muscles.  

It is recommended that you only use high quality water-based lubricants such as YES Water-based lubricant with your Vaginal Electrode.   

Do not use Vaginal or Anal Electrical Stimulation if:  

  • You are Pregnant  
  • You have a Vaginal or Bladder Infection  
  • You have had a baby within the last 2 months  
  • You are using an IUD (you need to discuss it with your GP first)  
  • You have irritated skin in the vulva, vagina or rectal area  
  • You have had any form of bladder/incontinence surgery, particularly if mesh was inserted (you need to discuss it with your GP first)  
  • You have a cardiac pacemaker or cardiac arrhythmia  

The PFLEX Vaginal Life-care Probe contains a percentage of Nickel so contact me if you would like information on where to purchase an alternative option if you have a Nickel allergy.   

If you need a smaller vaginal electrode a PFLEX Vaginal Electrode would be recommended.  If you need a wider vaginal electrode a Periform Vaginal Electrode would be recommended. 

If you would like to find out if a PLEX Vaginal Electrode will work for you and how you can use it optimally for your specific issues CLICK HERE to book an Online Consultation with an experienced Pelvic Health Physiotherapist.