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Neurotrac TENS

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NeuroTrac® TENS is a user-friendly, compact digital dual channel unit which can be used for: 

  • Pain Relief (for Pelvic Pain or during Labour) 
  • Treatment of bladder urgency or overactive bladder 
  • Treatment of fecal incontinence or urgency  

NeuroTrac® TENS comes can be used externally with surface electrodes (the unit comes with a 4 pack of 50x50cm adhesive electrodes).    It can also be used internally with vaginal electrodes (PLEX Vaginal Electrode PR-04A) or anal electrodes (PFLEX Anal Probe PR-13).  N.B. Internal Electrodes will need to be purchased separately. 

Do not use TENS:  

  • If you have a pacemaker or an active IPG (implanted pulse generator) 
  • Over an area with poor sensation or circulation        
  • On your abdomen or ankles when pregnant  
  • Over the neck  
  • If you have epilepsy 
  • Over actively bleeding tissue 
  • Over local malignancy 
  • Near the eyes or testes 
  • Near an active epiphysis 

N.B. This unit isn’t an electrical stimulation until for pelvic floor muscle strengthening. If that is what you’re looking for you’ll need a Neurotrac Continence Unit 

If you would like to find out if NeuroTrac® TENS Unit will work for you and how you can use it optimally for your specific issues CLICK HERE to book an Online Consultation with an experienced Pelvic Health Physiotherapist.